Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation

Oft-forgotten, the first Tangerine Dream record Electronic Meditation sits in the shadows of a vast body of pioneering work, noted only for being the sole album to feature the equally-influential Klaus Schulze. But is this fair? To a certain extent, yes, as the jazz-like freeform improvisations lack the coherence and impact that the band would find so brilliantly soon after. Their relative inexperience is evident as the sprawling mass of noise jumps around, at times racing along brilliantly before clumsily diving off at random.

But Electronic Meditation is certainly not without merit, and shows the first hints of what TD would become. Passages of 'Journey Through A Burning Brain' and 'Cold Smoke' are early krautrock at its finest, the driving rhythms overlaid with wild, noisy experimentation and squealing, joyous feedback. With the benefit of hindsight, Electronic Meditation is an important album for what it launched, but as such is only of interest for those already acquainted with the brilliance of its authors and the kosmische movement.



out of 10

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