Fierce Girl/ Chromeo - Metro London

It was a drunken affair featuring Chav heroes and funk club smoozers. Metro was packed to the gills with beer swilling punters up for an excellent night’s entertainment and shoulder to shoulder crowds.

The feeling was that everyone was there to see the Chav Heroes, Fierce Girls. With two back up dancers giving it sexy moves behind the boys, Greg and Scott Fierce, vocal deliveries of mostly glam talk of girls who they deem “Fierce” such as Atomic Kitten, Karen MacDonald and their favourite, Kat Slater.

What Makes A Girl Fierce was a tune to create pandemonium in excitement and made the gathering a party, especially when the chorus Kat Slater is our sister. Kat Slater is our siiiiister is catchy and humourous enough to become the highlight of the night.

They could only be likened to Goldie Looking Chain in hilarity and in their rap style. Heaps of fun…

Montreal based, Chromeo brought their funkadelic lo fi sounds to the stage shortly after for, at this time, the well-pissed crowd to enjoy. Their sound was refined, chiseled and perfected but before it could be thought of as Chromeo "warming up " to truly blow everyone away later, they seemed not to improve or worsen but rather stayed at the same level throughout.

Not that it wasn’t engaging, the lead person who became more of a compare/ guitar player spoke repeatedly to the audience and worked in, “We are Chromeo,” often enough for it to sound almost like a sample at the beginning of each song, and the other part of Chromeo who became the lead singer/ keyboard player dressed as a pimp from the 80s sang through a voice box to give an effect that his voice was that of a robot’s – a mechanism that should maybe be used less before anyone would think that he can’t sing and that it is rather a cunning device to hide that fact.

The crowd were enjoying themselves, however, but was getting drunker by the second, so it was a great night for most - a brilliant night for the bands, punters and probably more so, the bar manager.

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