Flying Colors

On paper, Flying Colors should be a spectacular meeting of virtuoso musicians and fantastic songwriters as (ex-)members of the likes of Deep Purple, Dream Theater and Spock's Beard come together. Unfortunately their self-titled debut feels a touch lazy, as if the five of them have come in and laid down a few tunes simply because they can, without ever getting beyond second gear; this is the sort of material they could knock up in their sleep with little effort. The eleven tracks are good, absolutely no question, but all involved have proved in the past they can do so much better.

It is only on the heavier tracks 'Shoulda Coula Woulda' and 'All Falls Down', along with the epic proggy monster of 'Infinite Fire', that Flying Colors seems to have any drive and emotion, any evidence that real thought has gone into piecing it together. Otherwise this is pretty standard modern prog fare, as can be heard the world over from the mass of clones these wonderful musicians have inspired through the years. Maybe expectations are too high for this, but I think the talent on show demands a more rewarding, exciting, mind-blowing record from Flying Colors.



out of 10

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