Cannibal Corpse - Torture

Buffalo. 1988. A nascent, spine pulverizing side to death metal surfaces - a side which proves difficult for many to digest. But despite the perceived, unpalatable nature of the horror infested music they pioneered, Cannibal Corpse were the first death metal band to reach over a million album sales worldwide. They are also one of those rare bands to release twelve albums under the auspices of one record label – Metal Blade Records. It's a significant achievement - and one testament to their longevity and place within metal history.

Torture, the latest offering from the death metal gore gods, slams the dozen-mark and twists every bodily cortex while doing so. Hitting play on opener ‘Demented Aggression’ is like setting loose a pack of raging Rottweilers, with instructions to tear at the faces of trespassers until their final breath. Only then does the song let up. Though it remains blistering with insistent ferocity, this album might be the acme of the band’s career, serving up far more than just thrashing, bludgeoning riffs. ‘Scourge of Iron’ is a slow moving, sinister monster, whilst the lashing bass break in ‘Strangulation Chair’ is an unexpected, but welcome addition to its chugging darkness. George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher’s impressively repulsive vocal and the dextrous, demonic fret work in songs such as ‘Encased in Concrete’ and ‘Intestinal Crank’ are the products of refined musical talents and of a band that have a strict agenda – creating unadulterated, distinctive death metal that continues to devastate.



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