Ringo Starr - Ringo Starr And The Roundheads Live

With only two Beatles left, we tend to cling to everything and anything they bring to us. Maybe it doesn't reach up to the heights they achieved when they were fab but, honestly, what could?

Ringo Starr was the one critics were (and still are) sniffy about, all that "not the best drummer in the Beatles" bullshit, yet people forget, after Paul, Ringo got more fan mail than George and John combined. And it would seem, from the evidence of this lovely DVD, that affection has never waned.

Ringo Starr And The Roundheads Live was recorded at the historic Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois in 2005. Ringo may not have the treasure trove of classic tunes as Paul McCartney, who can easily fill three hours with a merest smattering of his back catalogue, but the songs performed here remind us of the key tracks this man has been involved in over the years.

With only a few newer tracks, such as 'Choose Love' and 'Give Me Back The Beat' from Choose Love (2005), the focus is on the old chestnuts. The show starts off with a bang with the wonderful 'It Don't Come Easy' (co-written with George Harrison), and the rarely performed but truly adorable 'Octopus's Garden', much to the delight of the audience. Then Starr goes back behind the drums to perform snazzys rendition of 'I Wanna Be Your Man', first released by his old band way back in 1963.

Then, unaccountably, Colin Hay, from the 80s band Men At Work, comes out to preform their old hit 'Who Can It Be Now'. Why? Who knows, but fortunately Ringo is soon back with us with a string of oldie and goodies: 'Don't Pass Me Now', 'I'm The Greatest' (penned for him by his mate John Lennon) and 'Photograph' with Ringo occasionally accompanying his band on drums. The show rounds off with a rousing sing-along rendition of 'Yellow Submarine' before finishing off with 'Act Naturally and a heartwarming version of 'With A Little Help From My Friends'.

Even from behind the drums, Ringo Starr was always a showman with his cheeky grin and loveable charm. So let the sniffers sniff - Ringo still knows how to wow a crowd. All he has to do is act naturally.



out of 10

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