Kevin Tihista's Red Terror - On This Dark Street

We’ve all been there: caught on the wrong side of a relationship that’s gone sour. For some, it’s tears, rebounds, drinking too much and listening to depressing records whilst sat in the dark. Kevin Tihista has decided instead to let things stew for a while and then get it all out on a record. This isn’t some self indulgent wallowing though. Through time and reflection Tihista has imbued his songs with a dark humour that at times may edge nearer a grimace than a smile, but are refreshingly free of platitudes.

This is the fifth album from Tihista but the first after a seven year break, encompassing periods of writer's block and finding a new recording label. The songs reflect that this isn’t his first rodeo. They’re musically rich: even though they’re often built up from simple acoustic roots, they expand with instrumentation to complement each song. On top of this we have an artist that is expressive lyrically. The songs are dense with Tihista’s take on those hoary old chestnuts of life and love.

Since the birth of rock and roll, the core themes seem to have been laid down for all to follow. Boy likes girl, boy loves girl, boy loses girl and so on. Whilst we’re mostly in boy-loses-girl territory here, this is refracted through a near empty bottle of decent liquor. There’s a self-depreciating charm to be found in lines such as “Now there’s a million reasons why she is leaving / Number one is the fact that I’m breathing”.

In the opening track, Tihista asserts that after a prolonged hiatus, he’s taking it to the streets again. We should be happy that he is.



out of 10

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