Sigh - In Somniphobia

You can always expect the unexpected from madcap Japanese mentalists Sigh, and new record In Somniphobia (my favourite album title of the year) does not disappoint. Built around a seven part jazz/metal/prog/random suite 'Lucid Nightmares' (that sounds exactly that), it marks yet another departure for the band as they rediscover writing guitar-oriented songs - but not quite like any you nor I have ever heard before. 'The Transfiguration Fear' might give a brief glimmer of more sane ramblings, but the flight is brief as utter madness quickly descends again.

Although there is no questioning their originality and scope for exploring uncharted territories, you do have to ask however, are Sigh being weird just for the sake of it? In Somniphobia is so strange that it is difficult to give a definitive answer, but given the general expectations now placed upon the band to be this twisted, boundary-defying monster, you have to suspect a certain amount of playing up to the call. An album that will go way over the heads of nearly everyone brave enough to try, In Somniphobia is still an adventurous and bold record worthy of a considered listen.



out of 10

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