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No mess, no fuss, just a bunch of new singles, so let's get down to it.

Adam Lambert
Big, intense modern ballad from the young chap who's bravely/strangely (delete as you see fit) volunteered to front up Queen for a festival this summer. The title of this new track from his forthcoming album is a little disingenuous: Lambert knows exactly what his audience wants ('I'm in trouble and drinking booze makes it better/worse') and this will sell bucketloads back home at least.

Jake Morley
With it's epically choral arrangement 'Feet Don't Fail Me Now' gives the impression that Jake Morley is a singer-songwriter to watch. He certainly has the lyrical swagger, and a voice to match, that marks him out from the plethora of anodyne singer songwriters doing the rounds. Let's hope he can deliver on the promise of this joyous effort.

Josh Beech & The Johns
The debut single from Londoners Josh Beech & The Johns starts off a bit Mumford-y but soon progresses into a nicely judged slice of gentle euphoric indie. 'Lights' is at its best when the band let rip towards the end and overall, it certainly bodes well for the four-piece's future.

Sweet and harmonious voices, nice horns and an exquisite arrangement makes for an enjoyably rambunctious alt-folk that bodes well for this Norwegian quartet's upcoming debut album.

Kotki Dwa
Wonderful spritely tune from British trio Kotki Dwa. 'Poison' has that slight retro 80's feel while still remaining wholly contemporary. Not usually my cup of tea but this infectious tune is marvellous good fun!

Kyla La Grange

It's all about the female solo artist now a days, and lovely Kyla La Grange certainly has what it takes to reach the top. Her lovely and distinctive voice and her moody melancholic 'Vampire Smile' will hit the right chord with those who like their heroines young, beautiful and tortured. Indeed Kyla has a lot to smile about.

Protest The Hero

Tango In The Attic

A noisy, raucous introduction to Tango In The Attic's forthcoming sophomore album, 'Paw Prints' is a solid dose of indie punk that whilst shows a competency and energy, is still rather staid and uninspiring. There is nothing on offer that shows individualism or self-reliance, the jangly guitars and whiny vocals meaning this could in all honesty be one of thousands of bands currently peddling their wares.

The Detours
A three track EP of straight down the line, generic rockers with no killer hooks or anything remotely worthy of raising The Detours above the countless other bands peddling the same shtick.

The Social Club
There is a sense of fun pervading through these five songs from North London rockers The Social Club that sees it climb above the dull generic pop/punk that is all to often heard here at TMF Towers. The joyously organ heavy 'She's In Love' is probably the pick of the bunch, but there is really no low point on his thoroughly enjoyable and aptly named EP .

The Union
Two slabs of old school country rock aimed squarely at the ageing rocker, The Union show why they have become a success in the Americana world, but not outside. Impossible to date, this could have come from anytime in the last four decades, and the bland uniformity of both tracks mean it could be by anyone in that time.

Toy Horses
I don't know if being Stephen Fry's 'favourite indie band' counts for anything - beyond what I imagine is a shitload of publicity. Turns out 'Play What You Want' is 'indie' if you consider The Lightning Seeds to be indie: upbeat, overly crafted, well-groomed and really just a shade away from the likes of The Feeling.

Two Wings
Hanna Tuulikki's strangely entrancing voice is the highlight of this laid back slice of mellow folk with a slight jazz undertone that draws you in to it's richly textured world. Enchanting

Single of the Week

Atom Eye

The distance tribal drums and pulsating guitars conjures images of a frightened chase down dark alleys pursued by hidden spectres in the second part of Atom Eye's enthralling debut offering. The build-up of suspense over the eleven minutes as the eerie sounds slide in and out of consciousness is a masterful display of evocative music and true experimentation, a daring move to bring ambient and drone music to a wider audience.

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