The Finger - I Don't Believe My Eyes

The Finger's debut is a genre-smashing joy. Hailing from Greece, the band have put together an energetic and exciting proposition that refuses to be contained to a description. Lia Siouti's vocals sometimes channel early Madonna, but instead dropping the raunchy pop for a more back-to-basics indie sound that sometimes hints at Howling Bells' lead, Juanita Stein. I Don't Believe My Eyes is packed with quality tunes and strong variation: the loud, progressive, driving sound of 'Too Slow' segues sweetly into 'In A Fragment Of Time' with an opening riff that sounds similar to Kaiser Chiefs at their prime, offering a pleasing juxtaposition.

With eleven tracks on offer the album may be a little too schizophrenic at times, the massive range on offer can sometimes stray a little too far away from our expectations but the outcome is always positive. The climb down from the urgency of 'Something Wrong' to the sedate, ethereal 'Tin Can' is probably the most extreme example but rather than making listening a chore, it ensures a continual re-evaluation of the band's talents. An impressive and unforgettable debut.



out of 10

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