Baddies - Build

A strange things happens the first time you give the sophomore effort from Essex indie boys, Baddies a spin. It’s a feeling of déjà vu, whisking the listener back to a festival back in 2007, back in the prime of the indie-electronic crossover trend. The opening track ‘Rewire’ is reminiscent of the Klaxons, whilst ‘Man Made Man’ is an upbeat indie anthem served with smatterings of electro. It's a not-unpleasant experience. The downside? This album has been released five years too late.

‘Star Surfing’, a seven and a half minute closing track seems to be on the verge of approaching something new, but doesn’t quite push the boundaries far enough. Drawing easy comparison to the gang mentality of bands such as Kaiser Chiefs, Baddies have the raw energy and empowering lyrics nailed. But despite the punchy riffs and catchy choruses, Build is trying to breathe life into a genre which is already saturated. Musically this is tight, as well as being a testament to their great ability to pen a catchy tune, but the sense of familiarity is overwhelmingly deflating.



out of 10

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