Swound! - Into The Sea

“I try so hard but nobody seems to care!” exclaims front man Joe Staszkiewicz on ‘In My Head’ and it’s easy to see why once you’ve listened to this deathly dull debut from Nottingham indie-rock peddlers Swound!. They are clearly aiming for the retro, weren’t-the-Pixies-great market but, without the wit, style and sheer musicality of said band, they are doomed to failure.

Lyrically, Into The Sea surfs the wave between nonsensical twaddle and ‘oh woe is me’ introspection that was tired and dated a decade ago and musically is akin to The Smurfs on mogadon. If you can get through the whole damn thing in one sitting without wanting to rip the head off a puppy then you are a better person than me. There will be worse albums released this year but very few so desperately soul destroying as this quickly forgotten offering.



out of 10

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