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I hate the British weather. Basking in the sun last week now back to hideous sleeting. Ahh well at least there is the TMF singles round up to keep me warm. Let's delve in shall we?

This has probably landed on the wrong desk being, as I am, too full of bitterness and barely disguised rage to give this pleasant effort the proper attention. If you find the people in the eharmony adverts attractive, I imagine this is your kind of music.

Apparently "sending waves of excitement across the blogosphere", we're clearly missing the point of 'Drum In Your Chest', the debut effort from Camden duo BIGkids. It's all just a bit of a loud mess to these ears and OK, it's certainly unique but we're clearly too old to appreciate it. Weird fact of the week, BIGkids were championed by none other than Snow Patrol. It's a sad day when Snow Patrol are more down with the kids than you.

Bombay Bicycle Club / Tom Vek remixes new single

Bombay Bicycle Club have unveiled a second remix of their forthcoming new single 'How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep' in the form of label-mate Tom Vek's 'Big Beatnik remix'.The track, which premiered on RCRD LBL on Friday, is now available as a free download and embeddable widget on the band's Soundcloud page:'How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep' is the fourth single from BBC's third album A Different Kind of Fix, released on the 9th April via Island Records, which has been certified Gold with sales of more than 100,000 copies. The album was co-produced between Hamburg with Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele) - who worked on their debut - and Atlanta with Ben H. Allen, the former P. Diddy mixer who has worked with Gnarls Barkley and Animal Collective.The band head out on their biggest ever UK headline tour in April.

Listen to 'How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep' here

Dog Is Dead
While lead singer has a hint of Charlie Fink about him, Dog Is Dead's 'Two Devils' is a world away from Noah And The Whale's efforts but no less polished. A great slice of euphoric indie pop/rock, 'Two Devils' has a lush, catchy vocal refrain and is really quite lovely to listen to, despite its dark lyrical edge.

Gotye teaches Manchester a lesson.

Hooded Fang/Pinkunoizu
The joyous garage rock perkiness of 'Clap' from Hooded Fang is the stand out on this split 7" but Pinkunoizu's typically weird offering is no slouch either. Great fun for all you vinyl junkies out there.

Hooded Fang - Clap by HoodedFang

Yet another release from Nero's debut Welcome Reality, it's hard to see what the point of re-releasing 'Innocence' alongside 'Must Be The Feeling' is. Admittedly they're excellent tracks - the Basement Jaxx-esque 'Must Be The Feeling' is impossible to dislodge after one listen - but surely everyone who would have liked these, would have heard them already?

Rebecca Ferguson
More upbeat than her debut 'Nothing's Real But Love', Rebecca Ferguson's follow-up 'Too Good To Lose' isn't exactly going to set the world alight but with vocals as accomplished as Ferguson's, it's a decent enough listen even if the dancey synths seem a bit at odds with her soulful delivery.

Mmm. The sun is shining and the blossom is just starting to come through on the trees, so initial impressions of 'Falling' are that it's a little downbeat. Some are comparing the Bristol four piece to the three Bs (Buckley, Bunnymen and James Blake) but I'm going to throw another one in: The Blue Nile, with just the suggestion that there might be something here worth persisting with.

Dark, moody, swirling majesty reminiscent of 90s shoegazers Swervedriver at their best. The hauntingly slow burning B-side 'Holding On For You' is even better. On the basis of these two cracking tunes, Sennen clearly deserve your attention.

Ah ... the mystery of how to petri-dish a new girl group that the British public will take to their hearts. Many have tried, most have failed. Will Stooshe do any better? 'Love Me' sounds very 2011, truth be told, with bits of Paloma or even Olly Murs and not much else to make it stand out. Despite some of the laughable (and inevitably London-sourced) claims being made on their behalf, it's back to the lab methinks.

The Unkindness Of Ravens
Very much the dark side of electro-pop, The Unkindness Of Ravens evoke images of a twisted Portishead down a dark alley, and probably not with honourable intentions. The military drum machine and furious indie guitars of ‘Last Call For The River’ lay a bed for Nina Wagner’s sultry temptress vocals, a delicious naughty treat.

Turnpike Glow
A sparkly dose of Italian pop, second single ‘1986’ sees Turnpike Glow firmly embed themselves in the Hoxton indie scene with its Eighties electronics and jangly guitars. Hardly the most original or memorable of compositions, the harmonies and melodies are at least pleasing to the ear.

A night of fiery brilliance from the German rockers.

Single of the Week

The Civil Wars

Lovely stuff from Nashville duo The Civil Wars on their debut UK single 'Barton Hollow'. Defiantly Americana, it needs little more than its acoustic guitar and male/female vocal harmonies to entrance you. Brooding, emotive and magnificent.

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