Jasmine Ash - Beneath The Noise

Not since Eliza Doolittle's debut have we heard something so joyously cheery with no pretentions to being anything more than a collection of great, catchy songs. Jasmine Ash will already be familiar thanks to a Ferrero Rocher ad last year - that tune, 'Starlight', is one of the cornerstones of this release and encompasses everything good about Beneath The Noise. The album is a departure from the singer's roots as the lead of Oh Darling whose teen-rock output has a sharper edge than this solo effort.

It's hard to be critical of anything so pure, and maybe that's the album's biggest downfall. Catchy and lyrically playful is good but some tracks miss that killer hook that something a little more daring can bring. Ash is never less than impressive with sweetly pleasing voice that can kick up a gear when needed though. When she does push the boundaries with tracks such as 'Lulls', we end up with something superlative, but there are a few tracks here that don't stray too far from dinner party music.



out of 10

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