Mondrian Oak - Aeon

Post-rock may have had its heyday a few years ago, but it is far from a dead genre. Italian quartet Mondrian Oak pop up with their sophomore release Aeon, travelling down the same paths as those before them - and that is the issue here, it all just sounds a little too much like their predecessors. Right throughout there is more than a hint of both Isis and Pelican; and the guitar tone is alarmingly similar to Cult Of Luna, so much so that '3' could easily be mistaken for the Swedes.

Aeon is still largely a credible album: well executed music that doesn't overstay its welcome. Instrumental music can all too easily drift off into meandering nothingness as it disappears up its own backside, a trap Mondrian Oak successfully negotiate. But in the long run, this is an album that will quickly be forgotten amongst the hordes of clones that continue to emerge in the wake of the post-rock innovators.



out of 10

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