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The Pipettes Set To Invade London And Take Over

Watch out London, hotly tipped, The Pipettes are going to take over on Fri March 4 with all manner of strange and wonderful accomplices supporting them.

Be conquered at The Bush Hall this Friday. Find out more about The Pipettes and listen to their music here.

Gig Blurb:

The Pipettes have recruited some of the world's strangest living entertainers for their posh revue at the Bush Hall in London on Friday, March 4.

It promises to be a night like no other. For one thing, Becki, Rose and Julia have been rehearsing a super-stellar new set complete with fab new tunes, swish new dance moves and even a surprise musical collaboration. For another, the supporting minstrels are verily the stuff of dreams. A few centuries ago, this lot would have been on a one-way trip to the bottom of the village pond.

Pay six pounds and prepare for glory, then, in the company of:

Kitty Daisy & Lewis! Pint-sized underlings with the complete Sun Records back-catalogue on their iPods. Prepare to be blown away by the meanest son-of-a-gun harmonica and skiffle guitar action... from kids! Imagine Johnny Cash and Nancy Sinatra together on the same stage, only aged nine and three quarters...

DJ Scotch Egg! Heck, the man swears over a Gameboy soundtrack and pelts you with fast food; he has a toy duck called Lily that drinks beer. How could you NOT fall in love with this mentalist? Does KFC induce tourettes syndrome in the young? We reckon...

Circulus! Seventies psych with a 12th century crumhorn? The folk Darkness anyone? Oh lordy. So that's what happened to all those 'shrooms. Expand - and collapse - your mind! And welcome a Jethro Tull for the new age.

Monster Bobby! Pipette guitarist and svengali, released on bail from his girl-pop captors to stage his own uniquely tortured romance-athon. Electronic, acoustic and emotional - heartbreak has never sounded so good. Listen, learn, love!

And, of course, The Pipettes!

It's all in the classy surroundings of a bona fide Edwardian music hall, too. Forsooth!

You like? You buy? Where is this joint? 310 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, W12 7LJ. A five minute stroll from Shepherds Bush tube (either station). Doors are 7.30pm and the gig will end at 11pm.

Tickets can be ordered upfront using the following link. You might also want to check out or for further information.

We hope to record this special gig using video cassette tape movie cameras. Please make yourselves as pretty as possible - if you can wear polka dots, that would be turbo-lush.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Remember - either you're at home for the Sabbath or you're here. Choose!

The Pipettes

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