Rammstein - Keine Lust

Listening to ‘Keine Lust’, the rolling grinding machine of Rammstein spits out a quaking avalanche of sounds to the listener.

The whole gamut of Rammstein’s sound is on this track, from the steely industrial techno-metal-isms matched blow for blow in intensity by the singer providing powerful and almost operatic vocals. The welding of these elements has been a successful formula for Rammstein and is one that pervades throughout their musical output.

'Keine Lust' starts with some ominous sounds signalling the calm before the storm. The bone crunching and intestinal shaking guitars then come powering in with extreme prejudice and force. Marching trundling drums beckon the listener to nod in fervent approval while the fiery militaristic vocals complete the well-oiled machine that is Rammstein.

This single is better than the majority of music that ends up in the charts, although the orchestral version of ‘Mutter’ that appears as the last track, has the propensity to give the listener recurring nightmares.

Dieses Lied ist hart.



out of 10

Last updated: 30/07/2018 09:15:54

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