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Oh the weather outside is frightful, so why not warm yourself up by a leisurely perusal of this week's assortment of singles.

Capital Songs
A mish of prog and indie that makes for a pleasant if not particularly memorable listen. The dull lyrics about the lifestyle and tribulations of a modern musician however means that this is likely to wither away quicker than you can say Bebo.

Clock Opera
A slow-burning, eccentric beauty of a track, Clock Opera's 'Once And For All' is most definitely unlike anything you've heard before. It's not so experimental as to put casual listeners off but the sheer amount of invention involved is something to behold with a deluge of instruments separately building up into one almighty, soaring climax. Exquisite.

Following in the same unique footsteps as 'Carnival / I Love That You Know', sibling duo Disclosure are back with more interesting and exciting efforts in the form of 'Tenderly / Flow'. Guaranteed to not sound like anything you've heard before, its mix of dance samples, dubstep beats and more won't appeal to everyone but even they won't be able to fault the craft.

Tenderly by Disclosure.

Kathleen Edwards
If you're in need of a pick-me-up, you could go little wrong by putting on Kathleen Edwards' latest. 'Change The Sheets' is delightfully uplifting stuff, not as rich in its complexities as Edwards' back catalogue but you'd be hard pushed to care when everything sounds this lovely.

Having toured with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Paramore and 30 Seconds To Mars, you can be in little doubt as to which musical waters LostAlone float in. What might surprise you though is that with a sharp ear for a riff, some good old-fashioned rock-out towards the end and with a bit of extra bite than your identikit emo-rock outfits that constantly roll off the conveyor belt, LostAlone are extremely good at what they do. It might not be big. It might not be clever. But it will get the head nodding and the pulse racing.

Pinkunoizu unveil their debut album
Following the brilliant Peep EP, the spectral Pinkunoizu are set to release their debut album, Free Time!, on Full Time Hobby. Named after the Japanese word for “pink noise” and based in Copenhagen and Berlin, multiculturalism is at the forefront of this band’s world – they play an exotic mixture of lo-fi, high-life, nu-folklore, ’60s Asian pop and post-apocalyptic future rock.Self-recorded in the rehearsal rooms in the German and Danish capitals, Pinkunoizu's debut album is a meditation on the concept of time filled with hazy pools of feedback and repetitive beats. An unpredictable, involved but nonetheless ear-friendly listen that establishes deep, immersive grooves, Free Time! represents the far-ranging recording processes of this unusual band.

They have some Free Time!

Sub Focus
You get the feeling that to fully appreciate Sub Focus' new effort 'Falling Down', you'd have to either be in a club or in a festival tent. As it is in the cold, sober light of day though, it's merely solid electronica that is oddly cold when it should be euphoric. Perhaps we're just not playing it loud enough.

Swallow The Sun
The term lush barely covers the immersive soundscapes [b]Swallow The Sun[/b] manage to conjure up and on [i]Emerald Forest And The Blackbird[/i], the Finnish sextet only build upon their burgeoning renown for creating vast pools of beautiful despair into which the listener will blissfully sink. Perfectly encapsulating the feelings of loss and despair, it pulls you both ways as it elicits a sense of triumph at the fantastic music whilst Mikko Kotamäki’s schizophrenic vocals toy with the mind as he flicks from gentle funereal croon to menacing dark growl as the music dictates.But the album's greatest asset may also be its major downfall, in that the ease with which it lulls the listener means that it can quickly drift into the background; [i]Emerald Forest And The Blackbird[/i] is not a dull record, it is just a very subtle one that requires a great deal of attention to remain prominent. Saying this, it is the most assured album [b]Swallow The Sun[/b] have yet recorded, seeing the band spread their wings and draw more heavily on prog as they let the songs evolve and shift, flowing from soul-crushing dirges to full-blooded madness with a consummate professionalism.

Dominic falls into a rather wonderful gloom.

Tenacious D confirm their new album

Tenacious D have announced the release of their, their widely-anticipated new album, Rize of the Fenix, will be released May 2012. Rize of the Fenix, the band’s first studio album in over six years, is the third album from the group and is the follow-up to 2006’s The Pick of Destiny and 2001’s critically acclaimed platinum debut album Tenacious D.Stay tuned for major announcements coming from Tenacious D headquarters.Go to Tenacious D to hear a snippet of Rize of the Fenix.

As they rise from the ashes to rock out once more.

The Dø
Who would have thought the phrase "I'm gonna throw up" could sound so beautiful. But uttered in the wonderful voice of Olivia Merilahti, one half of the French/Finnish duo The Dø it is utterly sublime. 'Gonna Be Sick!', the new single from the group's album Both Ways Open Jaws, is cooler than cool; lo-fi, low-key, gorgeous and just plain brilliant.

The Tricks
An irresistible dose of perky indie pop/rock is delivered by London-based quartet The Tricks on their debut release. 'Just For The Summer' brings the sunshine even in these cold, snowy days with an infectious chorus that has one eye on the festivals, while 'Remember Me' provides a perfect balance with its slower tempo and effective vocal harmonies.

The Sounds
Song slaying Swedes stun supporters with sensational show on a snowy Saturday!

Single of the Week

Atom Eye
The debut single from Atom Eye, half of ethereal duo Phantom, sees Elsie Martins in an experimental mood. Part one of a trilogy, this is a mighty fine example of blissed out drones with synths, reel-to-reel tapes and ebowed guitars creating a menacing, dark atmosphere that demonstrates a level of creativity and imagination sorely lacking from the pop superstars of late.

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