Low Duo - The EP Of Truth & Regret

The Greenwood brothers, aka Low Duo, are unashamedly ensconced in this modern wave of folk led by the likes of Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons, but unlike their supposedly more illustrious peers, these two aren't just pouring out self-indulgent dross. The EP Of Truth & Regret is a very dour and dark affair, five stories woven with just guitar and voice that is far more like latter day Richard Thompson. That isn't to say that they don't fall into odd moments of late 90s indie banality, but these are thankfully brief and isolated.

This is Low Duo's third EP, and it is a format that currently suits them well; there is not enough variation in these little ditties to keep the attention much beyond the twenty minutes, but the songs are strong enough to stand up in today's quick-fix culture. One can only hope that Low Duo continue down this little path they are carving for themselves rather than jumping on any more populist bandwagons and blending into the whiny, dull background.



out of 10

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Tags folk, Low Duo
Category Quick Fix

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