The Soft Hills - The Bird Is Coming Down To Earth

It comes as no surprise upon listening to The Bird Is Coming Down To Earth that this is still only the second record from Seattle's The Soft Hills. There is no set identity yet to their work, the songs jumping around through time and geography, still heavily referencing the bands that are clearly a big influence. Opener 'Phoenix' reveals the seed, as it mixes American country folk of the more traditional variety with the bland commercialism that has spread like a plague in the wake of Fleet Foxes.

But then the likes of 'Days When We Were Young And Free' and 'Return To Eden' show a deep appreciation for 70s English folk and prog as it calls to mind the likes of Camel and Genesis. Just too often does The Bird Is Coming Down To Earth slip into meandering nothingness - though there is still a glimmer of hope that The Soft Hills won't settle for becoming yet more new wave folk clones.



out of 10

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