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Already a month into 2012. Where has the time gone? We've already had a couple of cracking tracks this year so lets find out what this week has in store...

Sure we said this about another act quite recently, but 'Bronto' is more of that slightly robotic, tense indie that probably flatshares with the likes of Young Knives - and just seems a little 2008. Half-way through it all goes very Kaiser Chiefs. Full marks for the buttoned-up shirts in the video though.

Beatrice Eli
Icy cool with throbbing synths, Scandinavian Beatrice Eli's debut single 'The Conqueror' may not be to everyone's tastes but we're already enraptured. The burst of 80s synths heading into the chorus is a touch off-putting to start with and we'd probably still prefer the whole track to keep the subtle, unsettling instrumental backing throughout, but Eli's powerful vocals make the track work despite our reservations.

Dead Skeletons
Another month, another entry in the Too Pure Singles Club. 'Om Mani Peme Hung' is a little like Jean-Michel Jarre if he'd been German: a steady beat sits inside some suitably spacey wrapping; when the indistinct, unfathomable vocals eventually come in you are, truth be told, none the wiser. Tentative thumbs-up.

Gretchen Peters

Rachel Sermanni
Lovely song from chanteuse Rachel Sermanni. 'The Fog', from her debut EP Black Currents has an antique sepia photo feel to it as if you were hearing it through and old wireless. Sermanni's rich beautiful voice soars like a bird over the jaunty melody. A real gem.

Single of the Week

Nerina Pallot
TMF fave Nerina Pallot tackles the classic singer-songwriter territory of the break-up song with delectable results. 'All Bets Are Off' is simply a gorgeous song, full of sweeping orchestral backing and understated subtle choral backing with Nerina's vocals making you feel every note. Stunning.

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