Suicide Angels - Bloodbath

It might seem unfair to write Greek quartet Suicide Angels off as yet another inferior Slayer clone, albeit a pleasingly proficient one, but in truth, that is exactly what they are. Bloodbath is their fourth effort, and the blueprint for the work is very much the same as used on Reign In Blood et al, and one that has been duplicated by hundreds of star-stuck bands across the years. Given the obvious skill with which they pull it off makes it all the more disappointing that Suicide Angels are completely lacking in any sort of imagination or voice of their own.

As a consequence, Bloodbath very quickly fades into the background, a pleasant enough noise without ever raising the pulse or piquing the curiosity; the simple question is why would anyone listen to this over the original greats of the genre? I have yet to come up with a convincing answer. If they continue as they are, Suicide Angels will forevermore be just another thrash band doing the same old gigs in the same old venues with the same old bands to the same old punters in a never-ending circus of nostalgia.



out of 10

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