Atay Ilgün & Daniel Vincent - Fragments Of Sound

Occasionally two worlds will collide with remarkable and unexpected results, and such is the case when Atay Ilgün (Svefn Plural) and Daniel Vincent (The Resonance Association) occupied the studio for just a single day to record whatever came about. Fragments Of Sound is the edited highlights of these ethereal improvisations, and the mystical weaving of the acoustic and electronic strands that were both separately experimented with, creates a magical, hypnotic dream in which to fully immerse oneself in.

From the wandering acoustic pickings of side A to the majestic sweeps of side B, there is a sense that nothing is hurried or forced; it is ingrained in the music that the players are unconcerned about the final outcome, the joy is purely in being there and playing whatever feels right. Calling to mind the likes of Brian Eno's ambient works and Robert Fripp's looping adventures, this is one for dimming the lights, sitting back, and drinking in all the subtle quirks.



out of 10

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