Nexus Inferis - A Vision Of The Final Earth

Labelling themselves as "future extreme metal", Nexus Inferis smack of being both arrogant and presumptuous. On the first charge, there is a modicum of basis for their pomposity; having recently won the Rock The Nation award, and on the evidence of the ultra-tight mix of industrial machinations and death metal ferocity on A Vision Of The Final Earth, they are not entirely unjustified. But pretentious it certainly is, given the fact they are breaking no new musical ground; very much the meeting of Fear Factory and Morbid Angel, it might be extreme and metal, but future it ain't.

There is a lot to admire still on A Vision Of The Final Earth, a razor-sharp display of succinct songwriting married with a brutal dose of audacious heaviness. There is a clinical feel to the whole album, not a note or beat out of place; given the cold, mechanical dystopian atmosphere created, the utter lack of a personal touch is spot on. Nexus Inferis might not be the revelation they purport to be, but that shouldn't detract from this being a fine debut offering.



out of 10

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