LM.C - Best The LM.C

Mixing rock with rap and electronic pop, LM.C is the brainchild of ex-Miyavi support guitarist Maya and former PIERROT guitarist Aiji. Not a ‘Best Of’ in the strictest sense, Best The LM.C instead presents a chronological gathering of all their single releases from 2006-2011.

Best The LM.C at least serves as a solid account of how the self-dubbed electrocker’s sound has developed over the years; not only seen as a showcase of their dominance in the Japanese charts, but so too in how they’ve managed to carry their music overseas on account of them consistently featuring on anime shows. Fans should be delighted, then, that the likes of ‘Oh My Juliet’, 'Boys And Girls', ‘88’, ‘Hoshi No Arika’ and ‘The Love Song’ are included amongst these fifteen tracks. Mixing together a variety of styles, ranging from dinky whistles and chip-tunes to the more staple classic guitars and metal underpinnings, Best The LM.C can verge on the raucous and is prone to a little repetition at times. However, its an overall satisfying collection that provides a welcome insight into this energetic duo.



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