Comanechi - Rude / Mr Baba

Still one of London's best kept secrets, Comanechi are a two piece that defy rational description and if this, their debut single is anything to measure, they'll be a secret no longer. We've already reviewed their limited edition debut EP here but this single shows measurable improvement. It's recorded in a studio and not a bedroom for a start and although the fuzzy production that the EP enjoyed was winning, here the raw power of the band can really breathe. Comanechi provide bone crunching riffs, manic drumming and vocals that are insanely appealing.

Beginning with a warm up riff, Rude quickly settles into the sort of riff that current guitar bands would probably reject due to its simplicity - but they'd fail to see the strength that simplicity like this offers. It allows Akiko's almost military style drumming and strained vocals to balance the song and make it whole. It gives the song an ethereal feeling; it's fleeting, over before you know it, before you've had a chance to take it in properly. It forces you to play it again. And again and before you know it, you're hooked. Mr Baba lasts a mere minute and a half or so, so it really is over before you've had a chance to savor it's rolling, meticulously constructed guitar work and the changes the band employ to give the song real depth and a variety that makes a mockery of the shortness of the song. Comanechi are a pure joy in a world of identikit bands, a little golden nugget of good music that comes directly from the soul and aims straight at the heart.

Available to buy from Rough Trade and Pure Groove



out of 10

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