The Minutes - Marcata

Having formed in 2006, Dublin three-piece The Minutes certainly haven't rushed the release of their debut album Marcata, a fact that's even more surprising given that it's a 35-minute straightforward rock'n'roll ride that barely takes its foot off the pedal. And you really wish it did. It's clear that they've got a sharp ear for a riff, but too often the idea is better than the execution, leaving you with an album that is somewhat of a forgettable mess of missed opportunities.

It all starts off so promisingly as well, as long as you dismiss the utterly pointless intrumental 'Monster' that opens proceedings and closes them under the guise of 'Monsters' in equally unexciting measure. Lead single 'Black Keys' is a stormer with its swaggering guitars and pounding drums, while follow-up 'Gold' is equally cocksure and memorable. You start to think that despite its no-frills nature, Marcata is going to be a thoroughly exciting record - but it doesn't unfold that way. The likes of 'Believer', 'Guilt Quilt' and 'Secret History' have central hooks that are generally first class and you're willing them to develop into cracking tunes, but they are so mired in ordinariness otherwise that they fade long before the final chord is strummed. Current single 'Heartbreaker' and 'I.M.T.O.D.' briefly provide respite, the latter especially showcasing a promising touch of psych rock introduced into the mould, but the overall feeling is one of disappointment. Marcata could - scratch that - it should have been so much more.



out of 10

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