Nitin Sawhney - Rainfall

Taken from this year's Human, this single finds Nitin Sawhney asking a number of remixers to take his song Rainfall and bring something new to offset the vocals and music of the original track.

The album version of Rainfall appears here as the last on the CD and is, unsurprisingly, the one that works best, being a light acoustic jazz that matches Taio's smooth singing.

The opening remix - Rishi Rich Mix - brings in a heavy Indian feel with the use of tablas and backing vocals pumping up the light jazz of the original track. The Wookie Remix is what one remembers from years when everything, suitable or not, was being remixed by dance producers. With taste dissipating as the synths warmed up, the Wookie Remix has a cheesily chunky piano and tinny drums ticking away behind Taio's vocal. All it lacks is the James Brown, "Wooh, yeah!" sample but otherwise, it's like the last sixteen years never happened.

Nitin's Urban Remix is close to the original version but with added rapping. Before you get too excited, this is straight from the, "Uh-huh, uh-huh...yeah!" P Diddy school of rap but better is the Bugz In The Attic-Coop Vox, which speeds up the vocals, tramples all over the original backing and throws in a big beat drum loop. The last remix, Mentor Remix, throws both the earlier Wookie and Nitin's Urban remixes into a blender and hopes for the best. It doesn't really work but with so many remixes on the CD, it doesn't really matter. In such a case, some will work, some won't and with Rainfall, tracks one, four and six - Rishi Rich Mix, Bugz In The Attic-Coop Vox and the Album Version - are pretty good but the other three let the disc down.

As with many remix projects, those employed try to bring a lot but just don't get to what made the original song work and the five remixes of Rainfall included here aren't always as sympathetic to the original song as they could be.

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