2011 in Review #5: Lady Gaga

By most measures the biggest pop star the world currently has to offer, we recognise Lady Gaga's superiority over pretty much everything else the business can throw at us. Her inate capacity to secure column inches and water cooler moments seems largely unrivalled - and even when she seems to get it wrong (her 'position' on homosexuality is well-meant if somewhat patronising) it seems to do little to diminish the public's interest in her every move.

In yet another example of getting it wrong (see previous entry on Adele), we didn't care much for this year's album (although there were dissenters within Team TMF), where the idea of Gaga fell flat with the appearance of some fundamentally MOR and AOR-like material. Yeah, we know it's alright to like big hair, power ballads and everything 80s again but if we hear 'Edge of Glory' blaring out from the supermarket tannoy once more, we may have to lose it big-style in the dog food aisle. And we're very anxious about her barely-disguised impatience to be taken seriously as an artiste: there'll be a jazz album or some terrible sitting-at-a-piano-wailing thing before too long. Her appearance at this year's Radio 1 Big Weekend was simply a trailer for such - bash through the hits as quickly as you can and then lose all the momentum while someone blows away on a brass instrument while you change your pants. It's not what we want from the GG for sure and we remain to be convinced that's what the kids want either.

Just dance. That's a manifesto right there. No need to dilute it with the boring stuff.

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