Sunn O))) - ØØ Void

At a time when drone music has never been more popular (by its own admittedly small proportions), it is long past due for Sunn O)))'s (pronounced without the "O", FYI) first studio album to be available once again. ØØ Void was something of a watershed back in 2000 upon its original release, stepping away from the grungier elements of the iconic Earth that were prevalent on the band's debut effort to doomier, riff-driven dirges that have spawned many an imitator in the last decade, and is still regarded by many as the band's high watermark.

The ferocious, distorted drones are hypnotic, unsettling affairs, rattling the very core of the brain as they crawl along at an almost imperceptible pace; from the moment the first bass note of 'Richard' hits until the final waves of 'Ra At Dusk' fade to an indelible memory, there is no room for any thought outside of these gargantuan monoliths. The additional polish given to the record now brings out an extra dimension of clarity to the rumbling onslaught, making it an even more devastating experience.



out of 10

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