Syndrome / Monotonos / Sequences - Fall Of Man

Released to tie in with their collective gig in Belgium at the beginning of the month, this part split, part collaborative album from Syndrome, Monotonos and Sequences is a fine study into the art of minimalistic guitar drone. Fall Of Man starts off with a new track from each of the three artists, all similar enough to hold together on the album, but each still having a unique flavour that differentiates their separate identities. The buzzing, rhythmical guitars of Syndrome's 'Moon When Wolves Run Together' is counterbalanced by the spacious and melodious refrains of 'All Seemed So Clear, Yet Now Distorted' from Monotonos. And in turn, Sequences' contribution 'Shattered Gleam' is even sparser, the gentle waves of sound just lapping at the shore of blissful contemplation.

The final track, 'Layered', is a joint effort between all three, and is a gorgeous collision of the trio's separate worlds. The sixteen minutes float by as the music rises and falls in epic sweeping arcs of aural majesty, each personality coming to the fore before receding again to allow the next to step forward as we drift off into the ether...



out of 10

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