Insomnium - The Underworld, London

Making your way through the piss-soaked confines of The Underworld in London, it’s always nice to be greeted by something brilliant when the headliner hits the stage, and tonight does not disappoint when Finland’s Insomnium arrive to their usual epic intro. In the UK in support of the release of their latest, and possibly greatest album One For Sorrow, the band waste no time in tearing into their majestic brand of melodic death-metal.

One For Sorrow’s opening track ‘Inertia’ is as good a start as any for the Finns, and when they launch straight into ‘Through The Shadows’ afterwards the heads really start banging. The twin-guitar melodies are really something to behold, adding an almost infectious quality to the bludgeoning heaviness and rapid fire drums. ‘The Killjoy’ from 2006’s Above The Weeping World is another early highlight of the bands set, while the rousing ‘Song Of The Blackest Bird’ ups the epic riff stakes even more.

When the band return to the stage for an encore of the dramatic ‘The Gale’ followed by the intricate guitar lines of ‘Mortal Share’, they’ve got the crowd firmly in their grasp. The band close the night with the fantastically monumental title track from their latest album, its spacial ambience building up into the soaring melodies of the chorus coupled with the guttural roars of vocalist Niilo Sevänen. Tonight's show sees these Finns demonstrating that the genrel is in as good a shape as ever.

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