The Flaming Lips - Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell EP

The Flaming Lips finally found their perfect sound with the cosmic-robotic-Japanese-cultured-space-opera epic album Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, and three Top 40 singles for a band usually ignored in the Singles charts suggested their new-found popularity amongst UK music buyers. Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell is a seven track EP released to coincide with their sell out UK tour, and is good value considering the over-half-hour running time, and four unreleased songs.

Assassination Of The Sun is a decent new opener, complete with cosmic Wayne Coyne ramblings, but it would struggle to fit onto the Yoshimi... album, even if it does include some nice Wayne double-tracking harmonies. It segues smoothly into dreamy instrumental I’m A Fly In A Sunbeam that is essentially a floating three minute overture to the brilliant Sunship Balloons, complete with powerful chorus and prerequisite lyrical obsessions with flying to the sun.

Three remixes follow – a decent electronica Postal Service remix of Do You Realize???, which strips some of the intense backing track elements off the original version. Bizarrely, two remixes of the title track are included in succession, which adds a strong disjointed feel to the intended mini-album approach to the EP. The Jason Bentley remix is the better of the two, again adding a layer of electronica to the proceedings with a strong looped bassline and driving drumbeat rhythm. The Cilione & Camaione is an unnecessary inclusion on the EP, and is a boring and overlooking slow dub mix that cheapens the good strides made by the previous mix.

Final track A Change At Christmas claims to be an instant classic judging by the stickers branded on the jewel CD casing, but sadly it’s pure Flaming Lips by numbers in a musical sense, but at least it’s another new track, which should keep the fans happy.

Is Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell worthy of a purchase? It’s certainly a mixed offering, and as none of the tracks are of the same quality as the Yoshimi… offering, it’s hard to recommend to anyone but the B-side/remix completists amongst us.



out of 10

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