David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time

David Lynch

has stepped back from film-making (just two feature films in the last decade), disillusioned by the financial hoops of simply getting a project off the ground, and instead preferring to work on smaller-scale online works or simply potter about in his studio or garage. Always interested in the sound of his films as much as the visual side, his decades-long musical dalliances with the likes of Julee Cruise, Angelo Badalamenti and, more recently, Dangermouse now culminate in the release of this debut solo album proper.

Truth told, Crazy Clown Time's high point comes with opener 'Pinky's Dream', the pulsing drums and trademark twanging guitar backing guest Karen O's breathless vocals. But the interest does't stop there, the 65 year-old turning out to have a perfectly acceptable voice, if a little strangled, that adds a simple bit of eccentric colour to 'So Glad' and 'Football Game' that Lynch himself describes as 'modern blues'. Anyone entranced by Lynch's film career will recognise many of the lyrical and musical motifs used here, and while it's no replacement for another Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive, it's hard not to respect the singular artistic vision of one man and his determination just to do his own thing.



out of 10

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