Heartless - Hell Is Other People

When the high-pitched feedback begins to screech at the beginning of nearly every track on Heartless' debut, there’s a kind of tense excitement in waiting for the barrage of brutality that’s about to assault your ears. Continuing Southern Lord’s most recent dalliance with the quicker and crustier side of metal, Hell Is Other People is a dark and caustic thrash through speedy drums and gritty riffing. From the biting aggression of ‘Resuscitate/Suffocate’ to the doom-laden bass of ‘Undulations’, it’s clear that Heartless have no shortage of bile to spray - and in the most ruthless manner.

In fact the few tracks that do slow things down a bit still have that same maniacal impact, particularly on the two brilliant closing tracks ‘Cop Out’ and ‘Hard Feelings’. One thing’s for sure, these guys are mightily pissed off with something, and thankfully they’ve channelled it into this impressive debut.



out of 10

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