Sigur Rós - Inni

Back in 2009, Sigur Rós announced that they had recorded a follow-up to Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust but as time passed, and with no album appearing in the racks, the band had to declare that the recordings had been scrapped. In 2010, they were being described with the words that fans fear the most: 'on indefinite hiatus'.

To the cynical, live albums are a way for bands getting some product out between “proper” studio albums. To the more open minded they’re an opportunity to capture an artist in the moment and how they convey their music to an audience. No-one is likely to label Sigur Rós in the solely commercially motivated end of the music business, but it’s against this context that we find this latest release.

Inni could perhaps be better described as being the soundtrack to a concert film. Directed by Vincent Morisset, this sibling film release has attempted to capture the band as intimately as possible (“Inni” itself can be translated from “inside”). The concert took place at Alexandra Palace in London, towards the end of their 2008 tour and was recorded by their in-house studio engineer to best capture the sound of the stripped down four piece. Gone are the lush strings and instead we get an immediate, rawer sound but one that captures the essence of their songs. All of their albums are represented across the concert, ranging in tones from light to dark, loud to quiet. They take their time, the opening track 'svefn-g-englar' weighs in at over ten minutes. But this is music to immerse yourself in and before you know it, an hour and three quarters has passed and you’re reaching to play the album again.

This album may be considered an artifact, a marker of the band at a certain time and place but certainly not its conclusion. During a recent interview, an indication that the band would tour in 2012 was suggested, with a new studio album also being in the offing. For now, simply marvel at a band at one with their music and celebrate their career to date in this live recording.



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