Summer Matthews - Little Miss Perfect

If you know her at all, you'll know Summer Matthews as Emma from Byker Grove, and she's the latest artiste to attempt the soap star / pop star crossover. It's been done before, of course, to differing success by everyone from Holly Valance and Ricky Martin to, erm, PJ and Duncan. So, is this one of the good ones (if such a thing can be said to exist), or is it like the rest of them?

It doesn't help her credibility any that the press release tells us that her character leaves to record a single, and that the track is going to feature in the show, not once, but twice. But what's the music actually like?

Well, there's guitars, there's a bit of synth, there's a little bit of a scratching noise, and there's lyrics which make the single a stating of intent, with lyrics like, "This devil in me is going to break all the rules / If you're looking for little miss perfect / you won't find her in me / not in my DNA"

Let's ignore the fact that it doesn't quite scan, or that it has all the ferocity and attitude of a cute ickle Care Bear. Let's ignore that Amy Studt and Avril Lavigne do it a lot better. Let's even ignore that it's casing bears the mark of the beast ("19 Music", publishing division of his satanic majesty Simon Fuller) and even then it's still impossible for me to find anything nice to say about such a bland, uninspired pop tune.

Should be a huge hit, then.



out of 10

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