Cheerleader - Vegas Or Bust

Either we're getting hardcore in our old age or Vegas Or Bust, debut album from Swedish four-piece Cheerleader, isn't exactly hard rock. What it is though is a short and sweet rock'n'roll effort that over its nine tracks does enough to ensure that you'll look out for them when their sophomore bow rolls around.

Kicking off with the softest track on the album - "radio emphasis" track 'My Love To Someone Else' - Cheerleader deliver their goods with a polite efficiency, remaining pleasing throughout without ever breaking new ground with the variations delighting the most: acoustic sea shanty 'The Pirate Song' is superb, while the added growls and satisfyingly heavy guitars that pervade 'Serving Sam (Break It Down)' are a welcome addition. Even with its strange decision to break halfway through into some radio footage, 'Arrange' (a rallying call against the likes of the Ku Klux Klan) is the overall highlight though with its deliciously simple, slightly childish, chorus - "I want to rearrange you / I want to rearrange your face". It's all pretty straightforward stuff but doesn't stick around long enough for it to get dull (only some extended riffage on closer 'Wherever You May Be' takes it past the 30-min mark) and, as a result, Vegas Or Bust is solidly entertaining stuff.



out of 10

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