Over The Rhine - Changes Come

Opening with the Indian inspired Spinning, Over The Rhine set the tone of the proceedings. An ethereal voice set to a background of intricate instrumentations is not your standard rock band but they seem able to pull off whatever style they experiment with be it the slow, heavy The World Can Wait, the Joni Mitchell piano-based compositions like Ohio or the bluesey, smoke-filled ambiance of When I Go.

Their lyrical core tends to the more artsy side of rock - you won't be finding many simplistic love songs here. Even the more upbeat, rockier numbers such as the slide led Show Me or the beat-like Nobody Number One are replete with intricate and confused emotions that unfold with the song.Though most of material played here is from their latest release (Ohio), the occasional tracks from their previous records are given quite different spins live: the sublime All I Need Is Everything shifts from being an acoustic guitar number to a let-it-rip band number and sounds the better for it.

It's nice to hear a band that can put a new spin on their live performances and give their fans a radically, different experience from the records. Though it's a bit of shame this album doesn't delve further back into their strong and ample back catalogue, this live album would be a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the band.

The CD can only be bought directly from the band's website OverTheRhine.com. Free (and full) MP3s are also available to download.



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