Atmospherics propel this brooding debut. The Czech born sound engineer casts her unsettling soundscapes over bass that cracks the ocean floor. Don't expect an overflow of melody or stylistic variation; this is an album that comes alive at night and, as such, is shadowy and defiantly stark.

Song structure gives way to arrangements and the space afforded to the minimal components. Vocals are largely hushed but emerge on occasion with thrilling, chilling precision. Search for labels and you'll end up referencing both trip-hop and dub but Emika carries itself with aloof disregard for its surroundings. The likes of '3 Hours' and 'Come Catch Me' are distinct enough to emerge from the disquieting assault but the album's unstilting approach asks a lot of its audience. If the noir stealth of Massive Attack's Mezzanine did for you, look this way.



out of 10

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