run, WALK! / sirs - Split

Everyone likes a good split, whether it’s banana or otherwise, but this particular effort is noisy, heavy and full of chaotic fun. First up are the brilliant Winchester-formed and Holy Roar-signed bass/drums duo run, WALK! who offer up some tasty, discordant blasts of distorted, screeching cacophony. ‘Rainhouse’ begins with an almost surf-like bass rhythm before they ramp up the noise and vocalist Matthew Pickering-Copley screams his lungs to bits out across the juddering percussion. ‘Straight Lines’ does anything but stay in a straight line, instead running riot through blasts of crazed riffing.

sirs also make quite a racket, albeit a slightly more melodious kind, with ‘Buzzard Kill (river)’ sounding a little like At The Drive-In but with a severe case of ADD. ‘Bering Straight’ is much the same, turning up the feedback and making you want to jump around a lot, and if that’s how you feel after then it’s a job well done.



out of 10

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