Twin Sister - In Heaven

Naming your debut album In Heaven is a move that practically invites critics to write a review that's one big 'Well, actually...' However, following critical praise for previous EPs, Twin Sister were perhaps confident enough in their debut proper to take it on good faith - and thankfully, this album is not without its blissful moments. The Long Island-based quintet has crafted a perfectly-formed collection of ten songs that marry oh-so-indie boy/girl dreaminess with an idiosyncratic electro pallette.


The result is more surprising than it might initially seem, with the first few songs establishing a swoony synth-assisted sound (not dissimilar to Chairlift's underrated debut) that is hard not to be charmed by, lead singer Andrea Estella practically coo-ing her wistful lyrics. However, a sparklingly pretty middle section practically plays like Beach House with beats before the brooding noir-blues of 'Spain' and Western-tinged 'Gene Ciampi' change tack once again. Throughout, a sheen of undeniable 'alt' cool abounds but, while 'Bad Street's top-down neon funk may sound like a party thrown by Datarock and Cibo Matto, it's not just a breezy throwaway set. Despite its ridiculous title, the 80s-chrome electro of 'Space Babe', complete with obligatory New Order guitar licks, is a warm glow of a pop song and is so big screen - and it's not alone.

So, welcome to your favourite new indie band everyone. Just in case you're pondering whether to take a chance, I'm tempted to give this a score of '9'; however, I have a feeling even better things are to come, so let's just wait and see. Hello hope.



out of 10

Last updated: 03/05/2018 05:39:16

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