Brutal Truth - End Time

End Time, the second post-reformation record from grindcore legends Brutal Truth, is at the same time both satisfyingly familiar and disappointingly predictable. Flicking between lightning bolt cracks and sludgy trawls through utter darkness, it is still classic Brutal Truth; fans will lap up the sickeningly heavy blasts of distorted hatred, but anyone still not enamoured by Dan Lilker's little project are not going to be changing their minds any time soon.

The twenty three tracks clock in at just under an hour, including the fifteen minutes of noise that is closing splurge 'Control Room', and doesn't let up for a second. Whether it's the very aptly titled 'Swift And Violent (Swift Version)' – hell knows how much damage the violent version would do to the poor listener – or the methodical and repeated bludgeoning of opener 'Malice', Brutal Truth continue to remain true to themselves, and everyone else can get stuffed.



out of 10

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