Rise To Remain - City of Vultures

City of Vultures

is Rise To Remain’s debut album, heralded as a reinvigoration of British metal in some quarters, and derided for their family connections in others. Putting that aside for a minute, this record is by no means terrible but neither is it brilliant.

With a sound that treads the same metalcore water as Bullet For My Valentine, they certainly aren’t doing anything original. The early brutality of ‘The Serpent’ shows off some impressively groovy riffing and vicious growls but it all goes more or less downhill soon after. As much metalcore sounds these days, the rest of the album is repetitive and dull, the band relying too heavily on faux-epic choruses which get tired quite quickly. Guitarist Ben Tovey is undoubtedly the most talented of the bunch, and his six-string skills are shown off on ‘Nothing Left’, but it fails to lift the album any further than being just a competent rehash of a metallic strain that got boring a little while back.



out of 10

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