The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Trying to classify ‘The Go! Team’ into a single genre is a very difficult task, and something I’ve thought long and hard over. In the end the only description that comes close is ‘Motown-electronica-rock-tv themes-hiphop-funk’ and even that only touches slightly on the crux of what TGT are trying to portray with this, their debut album.

I first heard ‘The Go! Team’ way back in 2002 on an excellent sampler CD from Memphis Industries called Estuary English (see below) which included two tracks by TGT “LadyFlash” and “Junior Kickstart” both of which are included on this album, only more polished and not the rough edged demo versions from Estuary English.

The album kicks off with the fast paced (both tempo and name wise) Panther Dash which contains a lovely persistent harmonica solo throughout the majority of the track and sets the speed for the rest of the record itself. One of the first songs recorded Ladyflash is a cut and paste-a-thon of flute work and Motown ‘heys’ which is easily one of the best tracks on the disc for its accessibility into the crazed minds of TGT and toe tapping beat. The First instrumental of the album Feelgood by numbers harks back to 70s Cartoon shows and Saturday morning TV with its piano backtrack, this song is literally from another time, A time of cereal, Choppers and actually hot summers. Rather like Feelgood by numbers, Get it together is another beat driven instrumental, this time via flutes, although around 4/5ths the way through the track it decends into late 70s early 80s rap with plenty of scratching and pasted beats.

Junior Kickstart harks back to kids TV again with a plausible theme to Peter Purves’ classic TV show ‘Junior Kickstart’ and another from the demos released on Estuary English. Bottle Rocket again continues the theme of early hip-hop with its female lead raps and again harmonica backing beats.
Friendship Update is another instrumental which resembles a tune left on the cutting room floor for Sesame Street or some such program.

Huddle Information keeps the constant tempo going still with a faint pattering of earlier tracks with synths a plenty it leads onto the final track Everyone’s a VIP to someone which is yet another instrumental and sounds a lot like fellow Memphis Industries setup ‘Blue States’ pre The Soundings, this final track eases down on the pure speed and adrenaline rush that is the rest of the album.

All in all, if you haven’t already listened to something by The Go! Team then get listening! This cluster of talent will get noticed in 2005 and if they dont I will eat my Junior Kickstart meshback.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 10:26:17

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