The Treatment - Borderline, London

The packed out Borderline in London is playing host to the official album launch show for Cambridge rockers The Treatment and their debut album This Might Hurt. There are an inordinate amount of nurses walking round the venue tonight, but something tells me they probably aren’t real ones considering that most are in a state of undress. Still, tonight is all about rocking out and before the young guns hit the stage it’s the job of Six Hour Sundown to get the crowd riled up. Unfortunately they struggle to do so with their harmless brand of inoffensive pop-rock. Front-woman Lauren Harris undoubtedly has a good voice, but tonight’s set is all a bit too plain to be enjoyable.

The Treatment have no such problems, whipping the sold-out crowd up into a fist-pumping frenzy with tracks like ‘The Doctor’ and single ‘Drink, Fuck, Fight’. Their swaggering grooves are supplemented by all the usual rock clichés, but that’s ok because this band are obviously here to have a good time. Their bass player bounces crazily across the stage, never losing any energy, while drummer Dhani Mansworth is all flailing limbs and contorted faces. Midway through the set the band pulls out a cover of ‘Road Rocket’ from manager (and drummer's father) Laurie Mansworth's own band More, a track which actually proves to be one of the highlights of the evening. A slightly bizarre encore of a Dr Feelgood track ends what is an immensely enjoyable set from a young and rising force in classic British rock.

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