Pombagira - Iconoclast Dream

In true dedication to their doom-metal mantras, Pombagira have gone ahead and made a one-song album that spans 42 minutes. That’s right, one track that stretches across the entire album, the duo locking into a heavy and hypnotic groove that doesn’t let up.

The rumble of low-end and the warm fuzz of distortion begin the album, launching straight into an enormously doomy riff akin to Electric Wizard and clattering, chaotic percussion. The riffs are so huge in fact that the gravelly roars struggle to be heard above it, a quality which only accentuates the oppressive nature of the music. Breaking into haunting, psychedelic ambience, the ears are given a little respite from the heaviness as things come down to a crawl, moving in an almost post-rock direction with layered guitars and rolling drums. The last ten minutes of Iconoclast Dream return to the down-tuned guitars that it began with, rounding out this epic journey with some good old fashioned six-string destruction. The 42 minutes may have seemed daunting at first, but this album proves Pombagira can take the listener on quite a trip.



out of 10

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