Big Deal - Lights Out

How much demand there is for Big Deal's version of the whole 'a girl, a boy and their guitars' bedroom indie thing will become apparent in time, but this debut offers several tunes of real quality and is, overall, recommended for fans of the genre.

Comparisons to the likes of Jenny and Johnny are easy like (the Velvets') 'Sunday Morning', yet Kacey Underwood (the boy) and Alice Costelloe (the girl) bring little that is new to the game. But where they succeed, as on the single 'Chair' ("I know that you've been playing me / Messing my head") and the delicate 'Homework', the familiarity is less of a handicap and becomes a comfort; these are songs to share with a crackly fire on a miserable evening when there's no-one else on the couch or other end of the phone. 'Talk' is the anthem of frustration The Kills have been searching for all these years, a theme revisited on the groovy 'With The World At My Feet' ("You won't be with me") and marks them out as shoe-ins the next time the heavy-hearted you reaches for the 'sad' playlist.



out of 10

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