Young The Giant

Be warned. After just a few minutes of hearing 'Apartment', lead tune to California band Young The Giant's debut, you are going to be smitten; once 'My Body' gets going, you're going to be in love. Man, woman, boy, girl, cynical bastard, it won't matter - you will be hooked. The album is chock-full of deliciously crafted pop delights, which in in itself would be enough. The fact that they are sung by the ridiculously handsome Sameer Gadhia who's croontastic voice is to die for, makes them irresistible.

The band definitely bring a decidedly Californian laid-back feel to the songs. Nothing heavy, nothing too serious: 12 simple tracks about dealing with the opposite sex, like a feel-good romantic comedy. The album really starts off with a bang with a French kiss of killer tunes. With the aforementioned 'Apartment' and the marvelous combo of 'My Body' and 'Cough Syrup', Gadhia's drop-dead gorgeous voice purrs along, with just a hint of teasing vibrato at the end of a line: "If I could find a way to see this straight I’d run away to some fortune that I should have found by now."

In the hands of a lesser band, these songs would be better than average adult contemporary fodder, yet the strong musicianship coupled with Gadhia's star-appeal turn them into something truly special. The playful 'I Got' is a joy, while the wistful '12 Fingers' and beautiful 'Guns Out' with Gadhia's voice soaring effortlessly into falsetto, show off the band's knack for knocking off great ballads as well as jaunty pop tunes.

The album is like a decadent box of chocolates - caramels, liquors, cream centres. You can't lose no matter which you pick. So dim the lights, light the scented candles and be seduced by Young The Giant.



out of 10

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