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There is a small amount of panic here tonight. The Bravery, who by now you will no doubt have heard are the latest and greatest thing to come out of New York since, well, the last latest and greatet thing, have gone missing. Where are they, we wonder? Are they lost in the fleshpots of Soho, just around the corner? Are they getting into some sort of terrible drunken scrape? Molesting some awful, disease-laden groupie? They eventually arrive and the truth is far more mundane than the sort of thing a mind as sick and as vile as mine can conjure. They've been checking out the freebies on offer from Deisel who are, I am led to believe, some sort of fashionable clothing merchants. I try to hide my, not inconsiderable, disapointment.

Sam Endicott is the frontman, of course, and while on stage he invokes some hybrid Morrissey-esque figure infused with the fire of punk, in real life he's a polite, quiet and, almost shy, individual. 'Crowds in London are different', he muses, when reflecting upon the upcoming show, the start of a four week residency at the Metro club, 'there's some really savvy people out there and people seem almost to self conscious to dance. You know, there's always some drunk chick, but mostly people just stand.' He pauses. 'You're a lot more drunk over here as well. I think it's because a British pint is different to an American pint. It's bigger. You guys drink more.' They've just played in Iceland as well, something Sam loved. 'Imagine like a fishing village, but in the year 5000. It's just crazy.'

Being as hyped as The Bravery have been over the last few weeks must bring pressures. 'Yeah, but it's kind of like a double edged sword. People get naturally suspicious as a lot of the time the bands that get hyped turn out to be nothing more than haircuts and we're are not just haircuts.' Time will tell but you get the impression that Sam is quietly confident. There's not a hint of nerves. 'And that whole thing about the 'New York Sound' is such bullshit anyway. I mean, the New York scene at the moment is the best scene anywhere. There are so many bands and they're all doing such different things.' He reels off some names like The Star-Spangles, Le Tigre and Ambulance, all of which he professes to love.

We talk politics, which is natural given that it's the day after the US presidential elections came to it's bitter conclusion. 'Here's what I know about politics', he offers, 'it's like football is or something, you know, you stick with your home team whatever. It's just a bummer at the moment, one side voted out of optimism and the other out of fear.' And there is a lot of fear in America at the moment. 'Yeah, and that whole Bin Laden tape thing', he says, carefully, 'that came out the weekend before; I wouldn't be surprised if they'd already caught him and were just using him for this sort of thing.' Sam's optimistic, though, 'I mean, at least we have the checks and balances thing. That means that, you know, no matter how crazy a bastard someone is, at least they can't fuck shit up too much. But when it's a whole administration...' he tails off.

There are vast machinations of some sort behind The Bravery. Although this is their first official gig, they've played once before, an impromptu show at the Buffalo Bar. How this came about is a mystery. 'We just showed up and played'. Sam Endicott has played in bands before, as a 'for-hire' bass player but refuses to name names. 'No-one famous' he shrugs and laughs. Wherever they came from, and Sam is keen to stress that their forthcoming album is as recorded in their apartment with no overdubs or anything, there's no doubt they'll be and for as long as Islands PR budget allows, possibly a lot longer. Talent will out and talent will stay out.

This interview first appeared in the splendid Artrocker magazine, which is well worth subscribing to. Details can be found here.

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