Planks - The Darkest Of Grays / Solicit To Fall

As “cool” as it might be, it appears Planks have realised you cannot keep releasing all your material on vinyl only, so have penned a deal with Southern Lord for their latest pair of The Darkest Of Grays and Solicit To Fall to mark their debut on CD; and rightly so as this devastating hour of very metal hardcore is brimming with finely honed anger and hatred. What sets Planks out as something a bit special are the fantastically melodious guitars throughout; whilst not exactly tunes, the little phrases and riffs are heavy, memorable and bloody good. The instrumental ‘Scarlet Inside’ is very much the pick of the bunch as the two and a half minutes dance by with a subtlety oft lacking in the genre without sacrificing a jot of power. A beautifully bleak surprise is hidden away at the end, the haunting and chilling piano composition ‘A Casket City’ that any classical composer would be proud of as the irrepressible bleakness crawls over the listener.



out of 10

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